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What is Smart Home?

Smart Home Systems Introduction

You may ask – what is Smart Home? Not going deep into the technical stuff – answer could be simplified into one sentence: building equipped with various sensors and interacting with building’s engineering systems providing maximum comfort and security to inhabitants.

You can think many examples:

  • you can add an external light and humidity sensor and according to its data control windows, heating and sunblind systems;
  • you can add presence sensor and turn off and on lights to save the energy bills;
  • you can add Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home or any other voice system to control building with you voice: Alexa, turn the lights off!
  • you can add various scenes: if it’s dark outside and you enter your Home – turn on entrance lights, roll down blinds and turn on music in the living room;
  • you can get notifications into you phone while you are away if someone’s ringing your doorbell and talk to the quest thru video call;

We can do anything for your comfort combining connected home heating, entrance, cooling, security  or other system with our logic and sensors.

What system shall I choose?

It depends on many factors. Here are some questions we have to answer together:

Wired or wireless system?

Wired is more stable but you need to put wires to almost every device. We recommend it if you are in the stage of construction or repairing your home.
Wireless is less stable but you can install it into already furnished home without doing cable work.

Open or company-based systems?

Open standard can be adopted by any manufactured according to standard licensing policy. For example KNX  is a wide used standard for home automation and adopted by various manufacturers. So you can choose many devices, many designs and models. This standard is widely used in medium and large home automation projects. Because of its flexibility we can create much more than using company-based systems.

Company-based systems are developed by company so you can choose devices (switches, lights and controllers) manufactured by company. You can use it for small and medium installations. Hence one manufacturer has limited resources so there would be less options to choose and less functionality but probably more friendly price. Almost every company-based system configuration tool is user-friendly and require less user knowledge than for example KNX programming tool.

Contact us – we will provide free consultation and give you expert advices what system is better to make your Smart Home.

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