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Getting dark? Your Home turns the lighting.

Blinds and awnings

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Automatic control depending on the weather


Another sunny morning? Allow light to automatically enter your home upon waking. But if there is too much sun, your blinds will protect you. The automatic blinds of your Smart Home will be opened or closed thanks to our simple solutions at your disposal.

Control all the exterior light that penetrates your home, office or commercial premises thanks to an advanced blind control system, which will allow you to reach a higher level of comfort for you and your guests.

With our automatic blinds home automation systems, you will be able to take control of your home at an incredibly competitive price.

In SEREOLA TECHNOLOGIES we are professionals specialized in home automation of automatic shutters, and we will be at your entire disposal to solve your doubts and advise you on everything you need. You can contact us by phone or by sending an email to info@sereola.com. We will assist you with the maximum speed.

What are you waiting for to enjoy a superior blind control system? Surprise your customers with a system of automatic blinds in your office, or your loved ones at home, providing comfort and comfort insurmountable.

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