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What is a Smart House? Technically – it is your home equipped with sensors and automated switches linked to a computer that is responsible of managing the logistic. If darkness came – turn on wall lights. If you wake up – turn on automatically your music and lift the curtains in the main room.
Little things to make your life easier and happier! You don’t need to understand mechanics or electronics – We do! Just enjoy an easy and convenient life in your SMART HOUSE.

Control your lights.

Getting dark? Your Home turns on the lighting.

Control Security. Feel safe.

Nobody’s at home? Your alarm system turns on and cameras view is accessible on your phone.

Get notification into your phone.

Somebody calling at the gate? Get video and talk from other side of the World.

Control Curtains.

Another beautiful morning? You will know immediately, because all your curtains will be folded. Just enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

Control your doors.

Automated fingerprint scanner knows when to open the door.

Control your music.

Stream the music you love throughout the home


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